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Jersey Airport

North Apron Replacement


Jersey Airport
St Peter


Jersey Airport

Start Design:



September 2006


March 2007

Ahead of schedule and within budget

Project Value:

£9.6 million

Services Provided:

Project Management; Engineering design and Site supervision

  • The works required the replacement of approximately 30,000m2 of worn out concrete pavement with about 26,000m2 of new concrete pavement, designed for a life of at least 30 years and able to accommodate the current and future planned air traffic use.

  • Aircraft parking stands on the north side of the passenger pier were standardised (based on A320 width and EMB195 length) and designed to accommodate all aircraft likely to regularly use the Airport.

  • Essential drainage replacement and introduction of a water treatment facility was required to comply with the Airport Environmental Policy. Clean water from roof areas is diverted to soakaways to return to the ground and “dirty” water from concrete hardstandings/taxiways is directed for treatment at the water treatment facility. This comprises a fuel separator to contain any unforeseen fuel spillages, an aeration pond and reed beds to improve water quality prior to discharge.

  • The installation of Fixed Electrical Ground Power was included in the works eliminating the use of noisy diesel powered generators and reducing noise impact and emissions to the environment.

  • To reduce environmental impacts and cost, broken out concrete was crushed, screened and stockpiled to be re-used in the construction of the new pavement.

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