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Future Hospital

Enabling Schemes

IPM Team:

Mick Heald


States of Jersey Department for Growth, Housing and Environment


January 2017


January 2019

Services Provided:

Client Project Management
Information Gathering
Senior Team Engagement
Brief Development
Business Case Development
Client Liaison
Workshop Facilitation

In January 2017, IPM was appointed to provide support to the States of Jersey Future Hospital team in the delivery of a number of enabling schemes required to facilitate the construction of the £466m Jersey Future Hospital.Working as part of the Future Hospital client team, IPM has undertaken a wide range of activities, including client project management, developing briefs and business cases, engagement with teams, undertaking site selection exercises and reporting to Project Group.This has included:

  • The relocation of the Catering Unit: Developing the overall brief for the relocation, supporting a site selection process, developing the business case and Project Delivery Plan and working with the catering team to develop its new operational model.

  • Relocation of Corporate Team and Education Centre: Establishing the overall requirements for the move, likely space requirements and location dependencies. Supporting the site selection process, working closely with property agents to identify options and secure an appropriate building. IPM has also provided input to the design process.

  • Relocation of Facilities management: Providing for the relocation to separate offsite and onsite locations. Working with the facilities team to develop requirements and undertake a site selection process. IPM continued to work with the team in a liaison role through the design process.

  • Relocation of Medical Records: Developing the requirements for the relocation of the Medical Records Library to an offsite location and supporting the RIBA stage 2 design process. Managing the vacation of existing space, including finding and implementing solutions for records and pharmacy fluids on alternative sites. Supporting the liaison between the Medical Records team and the Electronic Patient Records project.

IPM continued to provide support until the project was halted early in 2019 to reconsider site options.

For further information on this project please contact Mick Heald

Tel: 01534 752752

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