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Andium Home Ltd's Le Marais flats

Refurb & Fire Safety Works




Andium Home Ltd

Start Design

September 2020


Due Q1 2023

Project Value


Services Provided

Employers Agent & Project Manager

This project encompasses the refurbishment of 224 homes across 4 buildings, and includes the replacement of lifts to upgrade to full firefighting standard, within the constraints of the existing buildings and lift shafts.

The project includes renovation of the flats & replacement of end of life Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing systems. It also includes critical & essential works including life safety systems. Structural works include cutting an access on each floor so that the two lifts now stop at every floor & repairs to degraded concrete soffits.

The works include responsibility for managing and coordinating the following work packages:

  • Refurbishment works within apartments

  • Refurbishment of communal areas

  • Interim fire upgrade works

  • Sprinkler installations

  • Lift refurbishments including dual electrical supplies

The works have been planned on a phased Block by Block basis, starting with Block H following rehousing of resident clients. This will be followed by Block G once the resident clients have moved into the newly refurbished Block H La Tour Heron. The same sequence will be applied to the remaining two Blocks.

The interim fire upgrade works (installation of communal sprinkler system & other fire protection works) will be phased in reverse order, starting with Block E; the last to be fully refurbished.

For further information on this project please contact David Mason

Tel: 01534 752751

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